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Fažana is a coastal town, situated opposite to the Brijuni islands (,on the south- west part of the Istrian peninsula, 5 km from Pula. Fažana is the transport hub for boat excursions to the brijuni Islands. The town dates from the ancient Roman times when its name was Vasanium and was well-known for manufacturing amphorae, vases and tiles. The town port and squares are now days a beautiful stage hosting numerous cultural and music events that take places during the summer. Except being a fishermen village, Fažana has always been well known for its excellent wine and olive oil. Beautiful beaches, clear sea, Mediterranean climate and lush vegetation have contributed to the development of tourism in Fažana, Valbandon and Šurida whose inhabitants have always been known for their hospitality.
Location The Project is located in in the center of Fažana, first line to the sea
Plot size 16,700 sq m
Buildable area above ground 32,000 sq m (19,000 sq m of residential, 9,000 sq m of hotel and 4,000 sq m commercial)
Planning status PPU in Place
Connections Yes
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